Lucky Fruity 7s Slots

Lucky Fruity 7s is a 3 reel slot machine with a single payline. What this means is all payouts occur on the center payline only. You increase your chances of winning for every coin you play. The game also includes a Wild Card that increases the opportunities for players to win. The minimum amount a player can wager is ten cents and the maximum is five $10 coins.

Playing the Game

In order the play Lucky Fruity 7s Slots game the reels must begin spinning. When they stop the combinations of symbols that appear on the center payline are checked. You will be paid for any winning combination that falls on this center payline. The Lucky Fruity 7s symbol is the Wild symbol in the game and completes winning combinations in 3 symbol combinations. In the event more than one combination falls on the paylines, a player will be paid the highest combination only and not every combination. The amount of money players can win is contingent upon the symbol combination, the value of the coins a player bets and the number of coins the player wagers. The total winnings are calculated by multiplying the number of winning coins by the value of those coins. If you use the wild symbol to achieve a winning combination you can increase the amount you win by two or threefold. You win the jackpot prize if you are able to create three wild symbols. While the game only has one payline players can increase their winnings because it has five slots for the coins. The highest payout in the game is 10,000 coins. Unlike other slots machine games, Lucky Fruity 7s does not include any bonus spins nor does it offer multipliers. It does offer a Scatter symbol. However, many of the online casinos do offer sign on bonuses that allow players to earn additional money they can use to increase their chances of winning in the game.

Symbols in the Game

This slot machine game combines both fruits and the number seven that seems to be a fascination with manufacturers of the3 machines. In this game you will find not only the usual cherries and bars but also plenty of oranges, slot bells and the game logo that also happens to be the wild symbol and can replace any other symbol in the reel in order to create a winning combination.