Fantastic Fruit Slots

Fantastic Fruit Slots
Looking for a classic slot that makes winning easy and fun? Fantastic Fruit slots dishes up three reels covered in colorful fruits. Sounds may not be impressive, but the prizes are. Fantastic Fruit slots is an easy game to play and the payouts are superior given the minimal amount of money you have to risk.

Placing a Wager

Coin values in Fantastic Fruit slots start at 10 cents and go as high as $10. Once you've set this, you have the choice of betting one, two, or three coins on the payline. Consider the three-coin bet, you get the highest payouts this way.  

Symbols and Prizes

Cherries are at the bottom of the paytable and also at the top. With one or two cherries appearing on the payline, you can win 1 to 15 coins. If you''re lucky and get all three, the prize increases to the highest payout of 100 to 400 coins, depending on how many coins you've bet.

Plums, apples, and lemons also provide substantial winnings that range from 20 to 120 coins. If you have a coin value of $1 and bet three coins, landing three apples results in $90. Not bad for a meager $3 bet.

There's also the gold bar. Gold bars pay 10 coins on a single coin wager, 20 coins for a two coin wager, or 30 coins for a three coin eager.

Play Fantastic Fruit slots today. While the payouts may not be as much as you'll find on a five-reel bonus slot, the payouts are easier to obtain and pretty substantial given the minimal amount of money you risk.