Fruit Slots

Sometimes, the fancy five-reel bonus slots simply are too much. If you're looking for a three-reel classic slot, Fruit Slots from Wager Gaming Technology is perfect. This three-reel online slot features the fruit symbols and bars you'd expect with a substantial jackpot of 2,500 times your coin value, that''s $25,000 if you place a maximum bet.

When you play Fruit Slots, you control your wager. Coin values start at as little as a penny and go as high as $10. Next, choose how many coins you want to bet on the center payline. There is only one payline, so you find tracking winning combinations is simple.

Symbols and Payouts in Fruit Slots

The bottom of the paytable on Fruit Slots features two lemons for a prize of three to nine coins. Three lemons gives you a little more. Grapes, kiwi, oranges, bananas, and cherries round out the fruit symbols. Cherries are worth the most at 250 to 2,500 coins.

There are also single bars, double bars, and triple bars. These range in value from 20 to 240 coins. Prizes are all dependent on how many coins you bet on the payline. A bet of three coins is the way to go because it gives you the highest payouts.

Head to a WGT casino to play Fruit Slots and see if you can win the big prize. With autoplay available, and the option to play for fun while you get used to the controls, you'll never find Fruit Slots difficult to manage.